Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Zoo-oo

We went to the zoo yesterday and loved it! My Small Man has a big birthday coming up- his very first one and we are going to hold an afternoon tea at the zoo. The venue is so that the birth families can come along, have some fun and not be hemmed in. You see, they are still not talking to one another which makes holding an event slightly difficult. And we want the birth mum AND the birth dad there. We thought that the zoo has wide open spaces, other stuff to do if it all gets too much and is on neutral ground. We think we may have to have them at different times of the afternoon tea though....they don't want to see one another. Oh well, time is a healer and they are still young!

Anyway, we went along to have a look and see where we could hold it. And had a wonderful time too! The Auckland zoo is great. So animal orientated. I have vivid memories of the Joburg zoo as a child and the small concrete enclosure the lion had. He just paced back and forward endlessly. As a child I thought it was the cruelest thing ever and hated the zoo for years afterwards.

Well, the lions and tigers and giraffes and bigger animals are all so well looked after. I just felt sorry for the cheater (sp!). His enclosure was not quite big enough I felt. He couldn't really run, and those animals love to run! I got over myself though and really enjoyed it. My Small Man loved it too. If the animal moved, he noticed it and put his little arm out at the animal saying "ahh! ahh!" Super cute!

We ended with hot chips at one of the cafes. Bliss. What a great day and I just LOVE being a Mommy. Thank you God!

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Gail said...

Hey Sammy,

we love the zoo - it's one of our favourite places and we spend a lot of time there! (the annual pass is fab for that!)

I love the photo of the 3 of you... and I love your heart to heal the rift. It's a great venue for this and I pray that steps forward will happen!

Widge said...

I hope your special day goes really well for you and your family and your wee man!! all the best xo

Jodi said...

You are so blessed! I hope I can be that lucky someday!

Your little man is getting soooo big!!!!