Thursday, September 17, 2009

Well, hello

I am alive although have a hacking cough (hence sleeping partner less at the mo) and still going through an enormous amount of tissues. How much stuff can actually come out your nose? Don't answer that....

My Small Man is on the mend (PRAISE GOD!) and is slightly less grumpy. Again, praise the Lord, I say. His sneezing has fewer alien (snot trails- sorry!) results so he is definitely better.

We have had a crazy busy week with work and it's been fun doing it all while sick. It's good though and we are dreaming of the Ugandan widows and orphans we are going to support and save so that they can hear about Jesus. How can you expect someone receive Jesus unless you care for them and feed them and show them that someone gives a hoot?Well, I feel that you can't so I have asked God for audacious amounts of money through our business so we can build a whole Watoto village for the ex-child soldiers. Come on God!

We have our first residential job for someone who is renovating this massive beach front house in Bucklands Beach. We had such fun this morning whizzing round choosing tiles and carpet and paint! I love that we decide how we will work and the ethics and values we will have. We decided that everyone we meet is a partner and we are a team. Love it. No "them and us".

We are going to an industry function later this afternoon and again I love that we decide the profile and values of our company. We are not dressing up, not going to be snobby and not be cagey about our work. We are going to have fun and be friendly and (horror gasp!) say hello to people from other design companies!!!! I know....CRAZY! But I have even got in trouble from my old bosses for being too friendly to staff from competing companies, in the past. How dumb. So I checked with my boss, oh wait, I am the boss!!! And I said that we should be friendly and show the love of Christ. How radical and fun will that be??!!??

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Sophie said...

oooh I like the sound of THAT boss! ;)