Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The grey

Two of our favourite people in the world are in NZ for a month. They are such amazing friends and we talk about everything with such honesty. Last night was no exception. Over dinner we got onto the subject of the "grey areas".

The grey areas are those areas where there is a gap between our knowledge and understanding and the issue. A place that we so often fill with our opinions, our interpretations of what we think God says and our judgements.

Issues and situations like divorce, depression, homosexuality, infertility treatment and so many others. Yes, we can flick to a section of the bible and quote verses about what God says but.... there are so many situations that are not choice and are not directly related to a sin committed by the person in that situation.

Those are the grey areas.

We talked about a situation that brought me to tears. And I have no answer. I am not even willing to try and fill the gap between my understanding and the issue. The more I go on, the less I know.

I know: I am loved. I am chosen. Jesus lives and He saves me. There is only one God and He is a God of love. That's it.

We are so judgemental as people and I include myself at the front of the queue. We have even been judgemental about others and how they parent. Only to get down the track and realise it's not so clear cut or straight forward.

Life is not brutally black and white. And as a black and white person I have learnt a valuable lesson through my own suffering. Grace. Grace fills the gap. I do not have answers for what I see around me but I can extend Grace. That doesn't mean excusing sin, but the issues I am talking about are not sin. They are sin related as we live in a fallen world.


I am drawn to one of my favourite verses.

Your world is a lamp for my feet
And a light for my path Psalm 119:105

A lamp for MY feet and MY path. Revelation for MY journey. Light/ revelation that is immediate and personal and unique and individual. For ME. That's all I have to know. How I am doing. And then extend grace to others.


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Gail said...

Well written post Sammy. The grey areas are the ones I wish I had an answer for. Unfortunately they are often the ones that we get asked about argghhhhh and to non-believers I feel as though I come across as flaky when I have to answer "only God knows". And then pray that God will swoop in and give understanding that only He can!

I cannot live without God's amazing grace..

I love that verse too.