Monday, September 14, 2009


Poor neglected blog. It's been days since I posted and it has cobwebs hanging off it.

I would love to have some incredible revelation from God or wise words but I have a bad cold and my brain is currently wrapped up in bed asleep.

My Small Man and My Big Man also have the heinous evil cold. How sweet, we all match.
We even had Lisa Bevere at church yesterday but through the haze of the cold all I could think of is "Man, that girl's skinny!" So obviously no incredible revelation (although I am SURE there was some to be had as she is pretty amazing) if I was transfixed by her body shape.

The doctor says we are not dying which is a relief and should be on the mend soon. That's means a meaningful post will be coming....sometime.

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Gail said...

sending you get-well bloggy prayers. I'm feeling the sniffles a bit tonight... thinking all those babes I had in the t-tots room on Sunday morning! Talk about serving.

Amy said...

Oh shame, get better soon Sam. Mish has had a cold for a week and I had Greg home yesterday feeling horrible, so its doing the rounds. Yes she was skinny, especially for being a nearly Grandma :) I was sitting directly behind her and had to drag my eyes away from her glorious dip in the gene pool!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said... family has been hit hard by the BUG too....the infirmary.....Had a couple of hours to blog hop this afternoon...Enjoyed reading yours....Hope you will stop by my Christmas blog...There is a great giveaway drawing on Oct 1...

Weza said...

Hi Sammy, thanks for reading part one of my story. How wonderful that you have adopted a little boy from a teen mum, AWESOME STUFF.
Just wanted to let you know I will be posting part two very soon. The writing is very emotional for me so it takes time.:)