Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am an avid blog haunter. My reading list is massive and actually most blogs I read are from the states. I love those American girls! Very similar to South African girls I other words down right fabulous.

I won a trip to Chicago years ago for design and it was a revelation. Suddenly I was IN the land of the American accent. Because really my only exposure to American accents was though film and TV. So in my head those accents were not real. I remember the feeling of hearing all those accents for the first time in real life. It was a mind bender. I felt like what I was experiencing wasn't real for a while and giggled every time someone spoke. I am sure I looked like a lunatic.

The other thing that was crazy was experiencing all those American goodies that I only saw on TV. YUM! I ate my weight in junk food while I was over there.

Hats off to Americans and cinnamon. They have a love affair with the spice and so do I. See? Soul sisters. Cinnamon sweets and cinnamon in baking- YUMMO!

So back to the blogs. After reading bloggies for a while I am quite familiar with American ingredients and baking and food. I really get into the recipes and find myself quite excited about another yummy sounding dip for Fritos. And then wonder what the heck Fritos are.

I found myself looking for an American brand of tomatoes in the grocery shop the other day without even thinking. Obviously burned into my brain. I was quite put out when I couldn't find it. Then reality inserted itself into my world again and I felt a little silly.

Still, can't give up on the blogs. And one day I will figure out what Fritos are!

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Gail said...

Haha. Funny girl! I must admit... Fritos sound interesting! Let me know what they are when you work it out!

Widge said...

Corn chips! I just googled ;)

Sammy said...

WIDGE!!!! You rock! Corn chips huh? YUMMO!

PaisleyJade said...

I am like you with my blog lists... my husband is horrified how long it takes me to read through them all each morning (and throughout the day!!!).