Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My huney has a cold

My little boy is generally very healthy- no colds, no ear infections, nada. Up until now. He is Mr Shnuffle at the moment and has had very little sleep for two nights running and even less during the day. He has a giant cold complete with glazed runny eyes.

We went to see a potential accountant today and as I was driving there was a giant sneeze from the back seat. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a slimy alien in place of my child. I urged my business partner "not to look" as it would make her stomach turn and stopped the car. I grabbed 16,000 tissues and ventured into the back seat. Yuck. All I will say is that I had to clean his t-shirt AND car seat as well as the boy himself....

In a sorry attempt to help him sleep with congested everything we have raised the end of his mattress, used a safe-t sleep to keep him on his side, wedged towels on either side of him and anchored the towels with cushions. I won't lie, this is to help him to sleep and so help myself to get some shut-eye. The last two nights have been well, interesting.

This is what I found earlier today. But hey, at least he was asleep even for a short while!

And yes, that is a cutting board sellotaped to the side of the cot in an attempt to stop him tossing his dummy out of the cot. Works- sort of..!

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Sophie said...

Even more charming is when snot is running down his face and as he breathes, a bubble inflates and deflates with each breath! Ahhh joy...:) Or when he sneezes and a great flob lands on YOU! :)

Gail said...

Oh poor little man! It's not nice being sick!

very cute photo though!

Penny said...

O poor little man. Give him a kiss (try to avoid the snot) from his Aunty xx my little man has a cold too