Saturday, August 8, 2009

A fishy business

Today is one of those days where I long for Summer. Ahhh, Summer. Heat, warmth, mmmmm.

I had to get myself out of bed this morning for a blood test. There are only two places open on a Sat morning and they are both across town. Bearing in mind that half the population seems to need blood tests on a Sat morning I decided to get there early.

Lucky I did as half an hour before it opened I was FIFTH in line! So we stood outside in a little queue waiting and by the time it opened I was frozen solid and needed the toilet badly due to the 16 litres of water I had drunk in a vain attempt to flush open my veins.

The cold had not done my veins any favours and the comment by the male blood sucker of "Oh my! Where could your little veins be?" did little to encourage my fainting heart. Best we draw a curtain over the next 5 minutes but there was a lot of muttering in the car on the way home.

Never mind. My friends were waiting for me at home. The friends that help me survive winter. I heart them (a lot)

My BF is my woolen vest. My lovely double layer lambs wool vest. He's not that attractive to look at but he encloses your torso in a loving lambie hug. If he ever goes to vest heaven I will be grieving in a big way.

My BFF is a blast from the past. Fishpaste. Yup, you heard right AND it goes on your toast. Logic defies this one. My adult brain tries to rationalise why I am eating a paste made from anchovies on my toast while drinking coffee, but my childhood self just sighs in ecstasy. Can't explain it, it's just so good.

Fishpaste is entwined in a lot of my childhood memories. I remember eating it on white bread (cut into quarters) during lunch break in my first year of school. Grade 1 at Cliffview Primary in Joburg. My Small Man eats it now. Yum-O!

Yes. My friends help me through winter. But I really really really can't wait for Summer!

Have a great weekend!

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Amy said...

Ohhhhh, another thing we have in common Sam! Anchovy paste on crunchy vogels toast with coffee. Ah, the sheer delight. And the lambie hug, I am so with you. And the veins...mine are little suckers too and I often have to have my hands or feet tapped to try to find generous ones, so my sympathies there.
Hope you enjoy the sunshine today my friend. xxx

Gail said...

Um, ok, not too sure about the fishy paste!

Lee said...

OOooo yum! I am now officially homesick and missing Pecks anchovette. What was the other one called...? Wedwo?! I'm gonig to have to get myself some.

gospel banjo said...

Fishy Paste yummmm that sounds delish Sammy! x Kathy...Monk

Sammy said...

Hey Lee, wasn't it Redro? Wedwo? Maybe... Amy do you know???

My BIG Man even likes it now- super yum!