Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Capacity and random ramblings

Life is just crazy and full. My Small Man is all boy and all go and mostly all attention. The little businesses that I have are full-on too. It all seems too large to squeeze into my small life. Or my small head. Or my small personality. It just seems too big.

So I was telling God this the other day. "God!" I said. "This is TOOOO much." Grumbling and muttering followed. He whispered back, "I have built the capacity within you".


And I thought back to the years we have had. Big years. HUGE years. At one time My Big Man was working for our church, I was in a very stressful and demanding job and we were starting to deal with infertility. I remember how God built capacity in us through that very full and demanding time.

I love how what He has built in us does not evaporate or diminish with time. he has built a deep well in me, a well of capacity. And now I can go back and draw pure cool water from the well. Water of strength and endurance and energy. The water is Him.

So glad I don;t have to do this alone and without Him. Because I am utterly in love with life right now. This is where I want to be in every way. I LOVE being a Mommy, having My Small Man around all the time and having little businesses on the go. I love my life. And yes it's huge because I have the capacity.

Thanks God!


I got an order for 10 merino wraps!!! Woohoo! I was thrilled until I worked out the total profit (not even counting my time) equalled 1 HOUR of design time....! Yikes. I had to laugh. Design is not truly where my heart is but is really where the dollar is (darn) Still the baby stuff is my passion and I am just starting out. That's what I am telling myself anyway.


Something I found quite extraordinary....

Soulemama is a blog I follow. Mostly fascination as the whole earth mother is something I find very interesting, being a bit of a "natural" girl myself. Soulemama takes it to a whole new level though and I am not sure I want to follow. I do love her blog though.


She posted about using HANDKERCHIEFS! I didn't know anyone used them anymore!!! Bear in mind that I am convinced about looking after the earth and using natural things. However I am a tissue girl and didn't realise anyone actually used handkerchiefs anymore!!!! I am intrigued! The last time I owned a handkerchief was when I got one from my grandmother for my confirmation. It hung around in my bible for years. I had no idea I was actually meant to USE it......

Live and learn, huh?!? Hehe!

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Widge said...

I am as surprised as you about Handkerchiefs! I was faced with ironing a whole lot today when I was cleaning for a couple (they are in their 80's however!)

I thought the same thing. and these ones certainly were not appealing. kind of grossed me out actually.

give me my eucalyptus tissues any day :)

Gail said...

Capacity - I am constantly amazed at how often this is being tested and increased or I'm realizing just how big mine is, in my life. Everything at the moment seems to require my tent pegs to be stretched a bit further!

Soulemama- I'm with you. I like her a lot... but at times it's all a bit too good. Hankies- to me, they are to be looked at and not used. Tissues all the way. I quite like the old-school ones with a bit of hand embroidery... but again, to look at!