Friday, July 31, 2009

Pants and crowns....

My Small Man is ever growing. And I mean GROWING! he's now into 18 months to 2 years size clothing. So I made some more little boy pants like I did here this time with an old dress of mine (!) I also got a pattern/ directions here but my knee pads were a bit...well, low. So My Small Man has shin pads not knee pads, oh well!

I think he is just the cutest little man in the world and over the last two days his sunny personality has re-emerged. I checked and all 8 teeth are well and truly out. He must be feeling a lots better.

Made a felt crown for a special little girls 2nd birthday. I think I will make more of these for my Etsy shop (which has finally (sigh...) had some sales!)

Learning so much about trust in this season and letting God do His work. Being such a driven/ motivated/ focused kind of person I often get into the "let's go!" mode and take my life back over. The journey through infertility taught me so much about letting go but this is a whole new level of letting go. God is in control. Totally. My little businesses exist by His Grace and He is the one that brings work in or makes sales. Not me. Good place and terrifying place!

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