Monday, July 27, 2009

My day today....

...was mostly this (sigh).......

And yet.
I look forward to seeing him each morning. I miss him when he's asleep. I long to feel his little arms around my neck. And my heart beats a little faster when he reaches for me with tears streaming down his face because a hug from Momma helps the mouth feel a little less sore

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Penny said...

Such a sad face. Makes me want to hug him. Hope those teeth come out really soon.

Gail said...

Awwwwww. So sad.
I so love your last paragragh. I love hearing my kids when they wake up... and the couple of times that they've stayed away overnight from our home it's been the strangest thing to not hear them in the morning... and I am hit with an emptiness... and then huge relief and an overwhelming flood of love when I see them again (usually within a couple of hours of waking that morning!)I am more a clingy mum than they are clingy kids... and I'm ok with that for now :)