Sunday, July 26, 2009


The greatest gift that My Small Man has brought along is freedom from pain. The pain of being childless is gone- completely gone. It feels sooooo good. My Big Man and I often comment how life feels in the absence of pain.

Just free.

This weekend was one of those that we had dreamed about. We went down country to spend the weekend with My Big Man's sister and family. They have two little girls aged 3 and 18 months and it was just utter bliss to spend a big chunk of time with them.

It was hilarious. My Big Man's sister is not a girly-girl and yet her oldest, Miss P, is insanely girly. Frills, pink, tiaras, flowers, beads and heels are layered over her small body at all times. She is a mother through and through and mothers My Small Man constantly. Kisses, hugs and cuddles are poured out over him! He liked it! Miss N, the younger is a little tomboy and would get in My Small Man's face and scream. He liked that too!

Miss P inflicting some love on My Small Man!

There was a crazy moment when all the adults were trying to watch the last James Bond movie (can't remember the name) and ALL the children were all screaming and yelling and having a whale of a time together. All of the adults were watching the TV screen intently ignoring the ruckus and we kept looking at one another going "Did you hear what he/ she said?" or "What just happened?" or just plain "huh?" We translated bits of the movie for one another. I started laughing as it was just so ridiculous and wonderful at the same time.

The 3 amigos: My Small Man, Miss P and Miss N

Miss P and Miss N were so good with My Small Man and I could see the bond between them developing. We have always loved Miss N and Miss P but for so long it hurt to be around them. We were there with them but a part of us was always guarding our hearts. Now it's so freeing to be able to just be. Be the auntie and uncle that simply adore them. And...I get to revel in the girliness!

My Small Man is so blessed to have an abundance of cousins on both sides of the family that are close to him in age. It doesn't matter if he ends up being an only child as he will never be lonely.

How great is that? So very very good!

There's a boy in the bath!

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Penny said...

So cute to see them all together and loving spending time with each other. Glad you had a good weekend

Rebecca said...

Thats so awesome Sammy!! Loved meeting him even if ever so briefly the other week xox