Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Toofas numbers 7 and 8

We are into elimination control for My Small Man. It's not potty training but he knows that poos and wees go in the potty and he's been on a potty since he was 4 weeks old. The theory is that we train babies to poo and wee in nappies. Works for us but totally get it's not for everyone.

Disclaimer: we do what would be called part time elimination control...If we were truly doing it there would be no nappies at all. I think you have to be earth mother and really committed to it for that and well, I am not!

I can honestly say that 95% of poos are in the potty and many times his nappy is dry when I change him BUT when he teethes that goes out the window (like he can only do one big developmental thing at a time- fascinating!)... and over the last week there have been many nappy poos!

I saw inside his cute little mouth today when he was eating and there's two new teeth!!! Super cute! They are the two on either side of his bottom two teeth. Oh my- 8 teeth!

He is learning to use them with deadly force too! He bit HIS OWN finger (hello?!?!) on the weekend. It was awful because he was so upset and there were little red marks on his finger, but it was so funny too!!

Not nearly so funny was when he bit ME the other night on the shoulder.....and broke the skin.
Was not laughing then, was I???


He's adorable even when he bites me. And now with 8 teeth I will really have to watch out!

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GB said...

Oh Ouchies! The biting is not fun!! I salute you doing the whole elimination thing.... it probably would've broken me!

P.S. just to let you know too that I've finally changed my url thingy to
makes more sense!

Simoney said...

Ohhh so cute! Doesn't it change the way look when they smile a toothy grin? xx

Lee said...

I followed you here from Amy's blog. I often wish that we had done elimination control with my little boy. In fact, I wish I had even known about it. I see you're in NZ. And you love God. Awesome. Hope you don't mind if I add you to my reader. :)

Sammy said...

Hi Lee
Nice to meet you! And you are so welcome to add my blog to your reader! xx