Thursday, August 13, 2009


This week has been about food. Natural and spiritual food.

We went to Plunket last week for My Small Man's 9 month visit. The difference between his weight and height was too pronounced for their liking. So. Big chats. What are you feeding, how much, how often.... plus a letter to my doctor and instructions to go and see him. I slunk out of the rooms feeling like I was branded "Evil Mother". Giant letters, on my forehead no less.

So I started measuring everything. Two thirds of a cup of solids at a meal NO MORE. 150ml of formula NO MORE. And turns out that's too much food for My Small man anyway and he won't take it all. Sigh.

My doctor was amazing. If you are in Auckland my clinic is incredible. They are holistic without the voodoo and are not into medicating off the bat. So with some simple advice and reassurance I started cooking and mixing and making. I love cooking for my family. I love the idea that I am feeding and nourishing them. As I made food for My Small Man I thought about the goodness and purity of the food I was making and how good it would be for him.

Like the food that God gives us is so good for us. His word is food for our soul. I imagine that God stands in His giant kitchen preparing food for us- revelation and encouragement that will nourish and sustain us.

And I have been so hungry and thirsty for His word. We are living in a time that requires a lot of trust. For our family, for the little businesses, for finances- the lot. And it felt like the well was dry.

I had connect group on Tuesday night. It's for girls with a prophetic bent and led my someone I prize SO highly. It's not always easy to be in as there is no-where to hide but it's the right place and I would not swop my connect group for any other. There's not a lot of fluffies- imagine arriving after your day you have barely sat down and wammo!- let's prophesy over one another girls... and Sammy you are starting. Gulp.

Anyway every word that the leader spoke was for me. God spoke to me and into my heart. Talked about how to live the gap between the revelation we have heard and the reality of daily life. The grace of God and the ease He brings. Doing like living in His grace without struggle. It was like God gave me a 3 course meal that night. Yum!

I love how God feeds us. He prepares food especially for us. Food He knows we need. And food He knows we love. What a great cook He is!

I may not be a great cook but I am a fun food preparer! I peel golden Kiwi fruits so that they are like a boiled egg shape and let My Small Man go. He loves getting his fingers and face right into it and happily occupies himself for at least 20min- yes!

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