Friday, August 14, 2009

Getting real

Through a blog I love I found a link to this post. It's by a musician Shaun Groves and the honesty is searing. I loved every word. How often are we pretending- especially us Christian girls? Pretend that everything is ok, we are doing just fine and our lives are on track. I would say far too often.

We all have qualities we prize. Characteristics that we hold dear. I prize three- loyalty, honesty and kindness. Everyone of my soul friends has those three. They have to have them to be a soul friend of mine. A case in point, this post from Simoney. She just oozes loyalty, kindness and honesty and I love her to pieces. I hate it when I feel people are not open or honest with me- especially when I have opened my heart to them. But how often am I honest with myself? Do I pretend with me?


And that's what inspires and challenges me about Shaun Groves' post. He is open and honest with himself. There's no hiding at all. Why do we hide? A million reasons and none are worth mentioning. Why shouldn't we hide? The much more important question. Because we are loved and accepted and we please God. When we are saved, we please God because He looks at us through Jesus, who pleases Him a lot!

This verse is from a passage God gave me this week. It's probably the second time I have had a passage given to me by God about me and so clearly. But even better, it's about all of us.


"Take a good look at my servant.

I'm backing him to the hilt.

He's the one I chose,

and I couldn't be more pleased with him. Isaiah 42: 1 (Msg)


So here's the deal for me, STOP PRETENDING!

I will no longer pretend:

  • That I in anyway have life together. I am a broken mess that God is putting together piece by piece.

  • That I can do life without God. I need Him more than the air I breathe. If I do not have a quiet time every day I am a nightmare.

  • That I know anything about mother-hood. I really have no idea and have no interest in spending hours and hours researching how to do this gig. God has to lead me and show me.

  • That I know how to run a business. See above.

  • That our infertility journey is over and we are living on the other side. The drugs and blood tests and procedures are hard. We may not be in emotional pain but this is still hard.

Learning to not pretend is a journey and it means no caring what people think. I am getting better at it. People will always judge you and I have learnt nothing you do will stop that. So too bad!

God (and even some people) likes me a lot and that's all that matters!!!

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Gail said...

Great post Sammy! I'm loving where both you and Simone are going with this. I was talking to Simone yesterday about image and how everywhere I look it seems that everyone has the complete package - I feel quite confronted by it almost daily and have had to train myself to not take it on board, to stay real to who I am and to daily seek my identity and affirmation in God alone, to not look and want what others have simply because seeing is more often deceiving.... and because I know what I have been promised. To do MY best each day, not anyone-elses.
I love the Stop Pretending. So many of us need to spread this word and make it the norm, not the exception!

Simoney said...

Great Post Sammy, thanks for the VERY kind words! I loved spending the evening together tonight... bring on the next one!
I love the "real" thing... Talk about taking the pressure off. By the way isn't Gail FABULOUS??? xx