Friday, August 28, 2009

Bloggie night out

The Equippers church blogger chicks met for coffee and dessert last night. We went to Frasers, where a lemon meringue pie was HIGHLY recommended by Gail. The poor girl was feeling the pressure as 3 of us ordered it but it was delicious (mine was still warm from the over- yum!)

It was a night out for all of us and I was ridiculously giddy with excitement. A NIGHT OUT! By myself and for fun. No organising the men in my life to get somewhere or pretending to be professional at a meeting. It was just for me. Lovely.

We talked and laughed and gave and received wise words and some not-so-wise-crazy-woman words! I loved every minute.

L-R round the table: Gail of Delightfully Diva-ish; Amy of Haven Space; Amanda of Ecomum; Penny of My Spirited Baby; Simoney of Greatfun4kids and me

Thanks for organising it, Gail a.k.a Crazy Mummy!

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PaisleyJade said...

Yay - I found you through Gail's blog! Looks like you girls had a great night.

Bernie said...

I love girls nights out! They are the best.

I enjoyed visiting your blog.