Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My heart sings

In the busyness of this week (and more buildings to plan in) I really wanted to take My Small Man to "Mainly Music" class.

This is a music group I would not have been seen dead in 9 months ago, let alone join in ALONG WITH all the actions. 9 months on, I have no shame. Singing crazy songs with stupid actions (sometimes even using implements like plastic plates....) makes my son happy so I will do it gladly.

And as we sat there he rested his little hand on my leg. I thought my heart would burst with sheer joy.

He has separation anxiety really badly and to be honest, I love it. I am bonded like super glue to him but seeing the physical evidence of his attachment to me, as his Mommy, has done something to my heart. I realise I have to let go and help him realise I will come back when I go away and yes, I do let him cry (a little), but blah blah. For this moment, I love it.

He likes to be near me and I like to be near him. This is a picture of our working week. Me and him near each other. Utter, utter bliss.

So blessed. So grateful.

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Widge said...

Mainly Music is fab! my kids have all grown up on it. I do admit to weary moments of sitting on the floor banging away on a formula tin drum wondering what my life has become..doesnt last for long and coffee and chat time makes it just as much fun for me as the kids ;)