Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What the???

My Big Man and I are doing a 3 week counselling course at church. It's run by the pastor I idolise (in-a-good-way-realising-she-is-human-way-and-we-really-only-idolise-Him-way!!!!) and anything she does or puts on I try to get myself to. I am fortunate enought to be in her connect group so I get my J-fix every 2 weeks at least!

Anyway, we went along to learn how we can adequately help those people who come to us and "want to talk". You know, some basic tools.

Funny thing was we learned so much about our messy selves and all we could talk about on the way home was how much WE needed counselling and sorting out and general fixing! Was hilarious!

Go God! Love how He sorts my conceited little self out!

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