Thursday, June 11, 2009

River banks

I love how sermons continue to impact us time after time. It's like the truths that are within the words spoken penetrate deep into you soul and pop out week, months and years later.

I have been crazy busy. With two little businesses, My Small Man and trying to be a loving wife, daughter and friend I am running myself into the ground. I am the type of person who is quite focused and tends to be drive myself so I was getting more and more tired. I couldn't work out what to do. Then the concept of a sermon I heard (possibly) years ago came to mind. God reminded me.

The sermon talked about our lives as a river. Sometimes there's a time of drought and the river level is low and sometimes it floods. We need to build flood banks on the sides of our life-river for our protection. Restraints I guess is another word for it. Banks that control and bring direction and vision to our lives.

So I have built restraints, flood banks. I work 4 mornings a week from 9am to 1.30pm-ish, until My Small Man wakes up from his lunchtime nap. In that time hes only awake for about 2 hours and he eats in that time. So when he's not eating, he plays next to me in the study for a short time. It means that when I am finished work, I am finished!

It also gives us a day in the week that is just about us. We went to a music class yesterday morning and hung out with My Small Man's cousin in the afternoon. Bliss! And I didn't worry about work at all!

Breaking out the tambourine with Nana!

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Lena said...

thats a great way to describe a life of balance- a river- makes sense. It was a good reminder for me today:)