Saturday, June 6, 2009


I went with my lovely friend M to see Cats today. We joined the day trip her Mum and auntie had organised. They all travelled up from Tauranga (3 hours away) and collected us in Auckland on their way through.

It was HILARIOUS! M's family are such fun!

To get on the bus you had to wear an item of clothing with a cat print. M and I went to town and got our faces painted too. We looked like "catty" ladies of the night!

The bus (a.k.a mini van!) was packed with felines and we attracted plenty of attention. We were given ears and a tail and this totally completed my outfit..... We had a lady taking our photo from her car plus a crowd gathered around us when we got off the bus, snapping photos. We did a roaring trade starring in "Auckland's attractions" for the asian tourist market. M and I cowered at the back of the crowd trying not to make eye contact with anyone.

Inside it wasn't much better. The kiddies loved us and thought we were part of the cast. Well, the grown ups did too, asking one of our crowd who was starring in the afternoon's production. When we got into the theatre, the call went out to flick our tails over the back of the seat. The boy next to me got plenty of attention from the tails of the cats behind me and after his ear was tickled numerous times, he failed to come back to his seat after intermission!

The show was amazing and we feasted on kitty treats (chocolate). Afterall you can't let a bunch of cats get hungry- who knows what would happen!

M and I- purrfect!

2 foxy felines!

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GB said...

Gorgeous! I'm so hoping to go!