Friday, June 5, 2009


I am just so happy to be starting a new blog! If you have followed me over from my old one- thank you for coming along with me.

We have seasons in life and this is a new one for us. One with a baby boy and home based business(es!!) Life is crazy busy but oh, so good.

And it's Friday! One of my closest friends has got tickets for the show Cats for us tomorrow. She is treating me! We are dressing like cats (meow!) and going along with her mother and friends. Can't wait.

Anyway, the blog design will take shape as I figure things out. HMTL (or is it HTML???) code? What the? It's been fun figuring it out and I am determined to make it puurty!

Thanks for coming along!

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Simoney said...

Go Sammy... it looks great! You did it all yourself??? You're very clever. xx

These Three Kings said...

oh I just love this!!!! thanks for having me :) Cant wait to read more about this new season of life the LORD has brought you to!
Grace to you my sweet sister!