Saturday, June 27, 2009

The camels

Our women's conference has been amazing. Again. God moved and spoke and lives were forever changed. I am amazed at what He does for His women.

I loved every minute. I got to host one of the Equippers pastors who is also a good friend and it was such a privilege. Loved it!

This year's conference was another first. My first as a Mommy. One advantage of having a journey that is so "freakish" in a good way, is how people have owned our victory. They don't mind seeing the 300th photo of My Small Man! And I can talk about him to my heart's content!

Last years conference was very different. We were reeling from my Da's death (it was held later in the year last year) and starting to grapple with a possible adoption. Round the conference the young birth mum was considering us as an option. We were one of two couples. I remember standing during worship just overwhelmed at what we were facing and unsure that I had the emotional capacity to cope with it.

God spoke. He said so clearly. "They do not choose you, I choose them". Such simple words that filled me with a certainty. Certainty that He was in control and He was for us.

That's all I needed. That word. This year's conference was about One Word. My word is promise. This year I have the promise. I have the breakthough. This year was so sweet. I am so grateful for the sweetness before we face tomorrow and our pilgrimage up to the bach to remember my Da.

Vicki Simpson was the speaker. She came to our church 5 years ago and prophesied over the girls waiting for babies. There were 7 of us that came to the front and ALL 7 of us are Mommy's now. Praise God.

She is a prophet and knows what it's like to wait. She waited 22 years for her husband and her promise. I was given a CD of hers called "The Camels are Coming" about Abraham sending camels off to get Isaac's bride. All about waiting. The message was life changing for me.

So! I would love you to get a Word too! If anyone would like a copy of Vicki's message, email me before next Wed (1 July) and I will send you a copy. Anywhere. I promise it will help and inspire and encourage you.

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Awesome stuff Sammy! xox