Monday, June 29, 2009


Moari legend says that when a loved one dies, the gods grieve along with you. Rain comes.

We of course, do not believe in the power of gods but in God Almighty. And we know that He feels our pain. Yesterday He wept with us and the clouds opened up as we planted my Da's kauri tree.

My Da had always talked about his ashes being scattered at the top of the hill behind the bach. (We know that Maori tradition does not allow for cremation however this was no ordinary Maori man!) We planted a kauri tree at the top of the hill and one day when the family is ready his ashes will be scattered there and a seat will be built next to the kauri.

The spot that we picked looks out over the Kaipara harbour. We think our Da would have liked it there.

It was a good time. A little fantail bird met us at the top of the track and fluttered around us constantly as we planted the tree. God was near.

It was a good time to remember a good man. Thank you God. And I think a new normal is being established for our family. That is good too.

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