Friday, August 21, 2009

The tale of 3 Wormies

Once upon a time there lived a stuffed toy worm called Wormie. He had come to live with the little prince My Small Man and had become greatly beloved of the prince. There was no one in the whole land like Wormie. He was (verily) able to soothe the prince and he was so loved that he was chewed and sucked and cuddled by the prince constantly.

This while a great honour, had begun to take its toll on poor Wormie. The great Queen (that's me, the fair and wise and wondrous Queen...) in her wisdom began to seek the village that the Wormie had come from. This was to see if any of Wormie's family would come and help Wormie care for the young prince. She searched high and low and eventually found the village (in Farmers store)

She had worried that the young prince may not like Wormie's family as much as he loved Wormie. The joy that the young prince showed when he saw Wormie's family in the village put the Queens concerns to rest. The joy was very loudly expressed.

Wormie's brother Wormie II agreed to come to live at the castle. The Queen asked another brother Wormie III to come along too. The young prince could not be separated from Wormie II and III and this proved an embarrassment at the border post of the village.

Never the less there was great rejoicing at the castle. The young prince could not believe that he now has 3 Wormies and his joy knows no bounds. The burden for caring for the young prince can now be shared and Wormie can have some well earned rest. Hopefully he will recover his shape and colour some time soon.

And they all lived happily in the cot/ pram/ car and house ever after.

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Nikkey said...

So glad you found more wormies and wormie 1 can now have a rest now and again : ) Reuben looks thrilled