Tuesday, August 18, 2009

God is funny

God makes me laugh sometimes. Mostly I laugh at myself (a lot) but sometimes God makes me laugh...

My business partner and I decided to drum up some design business. As we have none currently. Oh so many promises but nothing actual.

So we made some fabulous little flyers and decided to hit two big office blocks in the city and go floor to floor and give them out. I mean, who knows who needs to refurbish their office, right?

So there we are going floor to floor and S says "Ummm.. did you see that sign when we came in? The one that says No Hawkers?" Furtive discussion takes place on whether or not we are hawkers. Decide yes we are. Level of comfort at what we are doing plummets. It was a zero to start off with as neither of us are extroverts and now is down in the basement...next to the recycling bins.

So plan two is to (again furtively) copy down all the names of the companies in the building from the directory board, and post our flyers to them. So we are hanging out in a huge posh lobby, trying to look like we 1. belong there 2. are not hawkers 3. are not hideously uncomfortable at writing the names of companies down..... and this person walks out the lifts.

It's Mike, a guy I did a huge job with ages ago that I really like. We worked so well together and he's a project manager (so can give us work!!) He had left the last company he was working for and I had been unable to track him down. Long story short, very happy to see us and yes, please send him info on us and may have some work for us!

Thanks God and yes we heard the heavenly laughter! The whole very uncomfortable endeavour was worth it for that one encounter. So very God.

So we had coffee and came home. The end.

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These Three Kings said...

Grace in your time of NEED!!! hahaha
I love it!!! The Providence of GOD is sooo PERFECT!!

Sophie said...

That's lovely! I love God's crazy sense of humour too! It keeps you laughing for hours afterwards!

Rebecca said...

That's fabulous! Yay God!!