Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Polar fleece shame

I was brought up with strict set of dress rules. In South Africa women do not leave the house without makeup and hair done and all dressed up. Even a trip to the local shops means you get dressed up. It's just the way it is.

Clothes like trackies and hoodies and plain slipslops (jandals) are worn at home. Not out. Them's the rules.

Kiwi's are a lot more relaxed and happily break all the above rules. This takes some getting used to but I have got into the swing of things. So much so that one trip home years ago, my Mom took me aside and asked me in a stage whisper 'If I was going out like THAT?!" Of course not Mom, sorry....what was I thinking?

I must admit I do have remnants of the rules hanging around. I don't wear track suit pants out the house and have only lately been comfortable with guests coming round and seeing me in them. Then there's polar fleece. Polar fleece stuff is for the HOUSE only. Not out. Don't ask me why, them's the rules in my world.

But today.
Today was sooooo cold. Bitterly, freezing, arctic-like. I was wrapped in my polar fleece hoodie and could not face the thought of braving the icy temperatures to change. I had my other clothes lined up on the bed and had a conversation with myself.

"Would anyone notice if I stayed in my polar fleece hoodie?"

"What would my Mother say?"

"How much do I care if I can keep my core body temperature up by not changing?"

So I liberated myself and went out in it. I felt momentary shame as I met my lovely (non polar fleece wearing) friend in a cafe but the decaf trim mocha I drank managed to soothe my angst.

My, my. I have come a long way from my blonded, teased and hair sprayed roots!!!!!

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Widge said...

Funny! I live in causal clothes, I do however have a "only at home hoodie" which is snuggly and warm and gets put on as soon as i get home from where ever I have been. In summer I wear jandals everywhere including church, cafe's, shopping etc...

GB said...

hehe. When you're cold, you're cold - I'd wear a blanket on my head if I had to!

GB said...

Haha. Was thinking of you today as I ran errands decked out in my polarfleece!

Lee said...

I just left a comment on a newer post, but then saw this one and HAD to comment! You're from SA? How long have you been here. We've just moved over (been here about a year) and while I'm enjoying it, still miss home. I had to laugh at your portrayal of the typical SAfrican woman. No makeup + no hair = no leaving the house. Ha ha. Hilarious!

Sammy said...

Hey Lee
I have been here for AGES! Coming up 15 years. I think I am more Kiwi now but I still value my heritage so much. I don't think you ever stop missing your first home but I promise it gets easier after the second year xxx