Saturday, July 18, 2009

I love my life!

We just got back from a visit to My Small Man's birth town. We went to visit my friend M's nana. M and her family were amazing to me over the time of the adoption. Her Nana and Poppa gave me a safe place to go to while it was all happening. I love her Nana and My Small Man is an honory grand-child. M is pretty amazing too. She dropped everything and went down to this town to stay near me while it was all go. She is a rock and I adore her.

So M and her family and all of us are down there expecting sunshine as this is supposed to be a balmy sort of town. No way. Gale force arctic winds that cut like a knife along with horizontal driving rain showed up. Hmmm....

So we had a few days of inside time and many bouts of over eating. Utter bliss. We did virtually nothing so didn't even take photos.

We went to see Sweetpea (the birth mum) and her family today on the way back up to the big smoke. Sweetpea's parents were very apologetic as Sweetpea was disengaged and acting like...a teenager! Praise God I say. The poor girl has lived 3 life times and she's not even 16 years old yet. So the fact that she's acting like the millions of other teenagers out there is fabulous. We are here for the long haul and My Small Man and Sweetpea have a life time to get to know each other.

She's doing just fine. She gave me a little charm bracelet that she made herself with beads she picked (awwww) including a heart charm, a cross and a little person with "I miss You" on it. We just love her to pieces and are just so happy that she's getting through this.

We just love our life. We love the way God has crafted it together with all these different amazing people. We love being a little family of 3 and doing things together and living life together. I can't express how much we love My Small Man.

God is so good. Super good!

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Lena said...

I think the relationship you have with your small man's family is incredible- it says alot about you. I believe there cannot be too many people in a child's life that love them- your son is going to grow up knowing he is loved.