Thursday, July 9, 2009

Open adoption wishlist

An adoptive Mommy with a beautiful heart, Jessica, posted about an Open Adoption wishlist on another blog. Heather at Production not Reproduction has posted the third forum for the Open Adoption Roundtable and this one is about our ideal open adoption.

My wishlist:

1. That open adoption would negate (some...most..all of!) the challenges that adoption brings in terms of identity for My Small Man. That knowing his heritage and having access to it would help him on the journey of self discovery.

2. That open adoption would be a blessing for all the families concerned and it would be a "better than" usual situation not a something that is endured.

3. That K (birth mum) and J (birth dad) would know that they are part of My Small Man's life forever.

4. That K would know she is loved by me for who she is not the gift she has given me.

5. That My Small Man understands that he was adopted out of sheer love not because he was unwanted.

6. And mostly that open adoption draws My Small Man to God and he will come to know Him.

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Thanksgivingmom said...

Sammy, I think your #4 really hits home for me....because I wonder.

I really wonder sometimes how much Dee likes me for who I am, and how much of it is because of who I brought into this world. I know we don't have to be friends, and she doesn't have to like me, but I do wonder....

PS. Your Small Man is adorable!

Heather said...

Thanks so much for participating!