Thursday, June 18, 2009

Anyone for ordinary?

Ordinary life? What's that???? This has been one crazy week...

I am not sure if I mentioned (I am sure I have at some point) but I am a commercial interior designer. I specialise in office fitout. I love what I do but was happy to walk away and try something new after My Small Man came along. I danced off into the sunset happily dreaming of hand-made baby items....(insert sound of God snickering)

About a month ago I was cornered and then strong armed into starting a small design business by a friend. He owns a contracting company. At that stage I thought well, ok. Very reluctantly I might add. I have skills (and talent!) and we need dosh to get my other little business off the ground, so why not. I imagined choosing paint colours for the odd lift lobby and dabbling in little projects from time to time...(again insert the sound of God snickering)

As word has got out that I have set up with a friend, God has been orchestrating things and amazing things have happened. Clients have been calling US!! Unheard of in the industry and in a recession! We were planning on going really slowly but we already have a small project PLUS a big project for 1800sqm for an amazing client! This is a very good size project and any of the big companies would love to have it. So this week has been nuts. We have had meetings for the mini project plus client meetings for the big one!

It's wonderful and I am so grateful but again this does not fit with my plans (insert sound of God having a belly laugh) I never wanted a design company as the ethics in the industry are dismal but now we get to choose how we do business and who we do it with. Crazy.

It's complicated though. Having My Small Man at home means working out who can look after him and taking him places and getting him set up. A meeting now takes the better part of a day. It's tiring but that's part of being a Mommy. This week has been nuts with My Small Man being sick and starting separation anxiety. I thought he had the swine flu of course (never one to stay away from the dramatic) but it's just a bad cold. Still awful to see and he's got a cough! Those little baby lungs even sound cute coughing......:-)

So now that we have our deadline out the way and can put off the rest of the work until Monday, it's family time. We are off to the beach this afternoon to look at sand and maybe suck some shells...

Ordinary? What's that?

Certainly not this Small Man...

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Penny said...

yip God sure has His own (better) ways. Glad things taking off for you...even if it it a bit crazy

GB said...

Wow Sammy, sounds full-on and awesome! You are inspiring me with the way you can juggle it all!