Sunday, October 18, 2009

Medieval madness!

The medieval banquet we went to last weekend was amazing! So much fun. My friend M's mum organised it "just because"! There were at least 75 adults there and lots of kiddies running around...just a small party!

We went down to help set up and we were in medieval heaven. We draped acres of fabric, hung a stags head, put up flag poles, hung huge amounts of bunting and placed swords, pewter bits and pieces and generally had a fabulous time.

M's mum had made My Small man a costume (you know, just quickly MADE it!) and organised costumes for the rest of us. There was medieval food too, lamb on the spit, venison, every vegetable known to man and about 300 steamed puddings for dessert with custards and brandy butter. YUMMO! Well, except for the pudding which had raisins in every one. I loathe the existence of currents and raisin but freely admit that it's an issue of my own.

There were large open fire braziers everywhere as it was cold and once it grew dark, it felt completely medieval. No electricity, just candles and braziers outside. Haunting medieval music played and at one stage I came outside and it was a little freaky. With everyone in costume gathered around the braziers, I could stepped back 600 years or so!

We had such fun!

The man himself

My two gorgeous men!

The four of us

Princess E

Prince G

Night time party!

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Simoney said...

Wow that looks AMAZING! Was that really a "just because" event?? I am seriously impressed. It would have been magical x

Gail said...

I love "just because" events! How fabulous! The photos are gorgeous!! How fun!

Sophie said...

wowee, that is some serious party-organising and sewing talent!

Tea said...

This sounds like so much fun! I'm new to your blog, I've really enjoyed all I've read here. :)

sanjeet said...

It would have been magical x
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